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Daily Cardiology / Heart out patient’s clinic: – at which heart related screening services, patient follw – ups and inquiries are done. The clinic is manned by cardiologists, interventional cardiologists and cardiology fellows on scheduled appointment weekdays {Monday – Friday}. The following diagnostic services are also available:

Electrocardiogram [ECG]: – The ECG is a plot / sketch of mili – voltage representing the flow of natural electric current thorough the heart muscle – in real time.. It is the main test / tool that helps medical workers detect abnormalities ranging from heart rhythm to structural problems. To perform the test, the doctor places electrodes on the patients skin over their heart to detect electric mili – coltage flow through the heart. The test is painless, quick and easy to perform. At KHHC, we offer both rest and stress ECG tests.
Echocardiography [ECHO]:– ECHO is a technique of examining heart structure and function using ultra – sound. It is a quick, safe and painless procedure that provides detailed information regarding actual measurements of heart function.
Coronary Angiography: = Disease of vessels of the heart e.g Myocardial Infartions / heart attacks are diagnosed by running a dye / radiologically fluorescent substance that is viewed by CT scan / flouroscopy to identify areas of obstruction so as to aid the interventionist to unblock the vessels to restore vitality to the diseased heart muscle

Cardiac Services

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
CRT is a method of treatment during which the electronic devices are placed in connection with the heart to:

Correct life-threatening abnormalities of heart rhythm / irregularities in heart beats
Improve the pace / speed with which a diseased slow heart beats
Manage very severe heart failure for which medical treatment has failed

In so doing, CRT improves functional measurements of heart failure i.e decreases New York Heart Association (NYHA), improves quality of life (QoL) scores and exercise tolerance. It also decreases re – hospital admissions and chances of death due to heart failure.

At KHHC, we offer ICD [Intra – Cardiac Device] – based CRT. In this method, pacemaker devices are place in connection with the heart and programmed to resynchronize / correct life – threatening rhythm problems and/or severe heart failure in dysynchrony.

Coronary Care Unit [CCU]

Our 4 bed CCU, provides cardiac intensive care life support services with around the clock close monitoring and case – by – case tailored interventions.