The Kisubi Hospital Accidents & Emergency Services

Located at the outpatient department and treats emergency cases on a regular basis. Administering proper emergency care is in large part the determining factor in life and death scenarios.

The most common emergency situations are:

  • Severe continuous bleeding
  • Injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions.
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Persistent, severe chest pain
  • Seizures

Make an Appointments

Make appoinments for regular check-ups to ensure you are aware of any health conditions you may have and to keep tabs on issues already known to you. It is also imperative that family members, friends and co-workers are aware of health conditions you may suffer from as this will allow them to respond more effectively in emergency situations. It is important to note that how individuals respond in the first moments of an emergency often result in the more favourable outcome.

Ambulance Services

A pivotal area in an emergency situation is the treatment that is received in the first moments. It is for this reason Kisubi Hospital has a 24 hour ambulance service that provides exclusive service to the patients to and from the hospital.We provide a fully equipped ambulance and well trained and certified Emergency Medical staff. The driver together with a health worker will be available whenever you call on any of our phone numbers provided. The charges are set depending on the distance.

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