Patients Admission Procedures

It is important that you understand each and every aspect of the Admission Procedure with great clarity. Confusion and hesitation can later on lead to complications and dissatisfaction of our valued patrons. We want to make the process as simple as possible. Our Customer care Officers are at your service to guide you through the process and extend all the necessary help with the arrangements.

Admission Procedure

Patients get admitted to our hospital through OPD reception directly or through referrals. The details of admission will be available there. Patients can also get admitted through maternity ward, if urgent medical attention is required.

The procedure for admission is :

  • Fill in the In-patient data sheet, giving your personal details, reference notes, if any, and medical history.
  • Select the room in which you would like to get admitted.
  • You are required to pay the minimum deposit as per the room category.
  • Deposit the advance for admission. In case patient is admitted for surgery

Treatment Schedules

Treatment schedules are done according to the prescriptions e.g. six hourly, eight hourly, 12 hourly, or once daily. Nurses have to observe patients taking their drugs in order to ensure compliance to medicines. In case of any adverse drug reaction, it is reported immediately to the doctor on duty to evaluate the case and then an adverse reaction form filled

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