Discharge Patient Procedures:

The discharge of a patient is the final procedure for the patients and the concerned relatives. The respective clinicians in collaboration with the other medical heads use their expert discretion in ensuring that you are safely back home. We also ensure there is no delay in making your bills.

The following are the procedures for discharge :

• The ward medical doctor will make an entry of discharge in a patient file.

• The patient file is checked by the nurses to ensure that all entries are made.
• The ward doctor fills in the discharge summary draft which specifies treatment undergone and drug prescriptions and other instructions.
• After this the file is sent to the billing office.
• The final bill is prepared taking into account the advance payments. Payment are made at Room 5 and 9 at OPD. For maternity cases payments are made at the cash office there.
• Payments in cash are only accepted. No cheque payments are accepted apart from those on the cooperate tie with the hospital.
• On payment of the bill, a gate-pass is issued by the cashier at the counter.
• The total discharge procedure takes about 5–6 hours.

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