Intensive Care Unit

The intensive care unit / ICU a highly specialized and facilitated section of a hospital where critically ill / very sick patients that need extra – ordinary measures to resuscitate / stabilize their ailments are treated from /

Critical patients at Kisubi hospital are received, reviewed and stabilized in an emergency physician manned four bed capacity Emergency room {ER} and then transferred to our four bed capacity ICU with a one – to- one nurse – to – patient ratio complimented by an intensivist / intensive care doctor. The unit currently offers the following services:

  1. Mechanical ventilator / respiratory support for critical patient that fail to breathe on their own.
  2. Invasive central venous and arterial blood pressure support and monitoring
  3. Intra – unit surgical operations when necessity arises
  4. Intra – unit daily laboratory and radiologic patient diagnostics as per identified patient need
  5. Daily multi – disciplinary reviews i.e – by differing specialist doctor as per identified patient need.

The hospital also offers High Dependence Unit {HDU} services for patients with less critical illness or those that require less invasive resuscitator maneuvers / interventions.

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