Staff Administration

Kisubi Hospital has a Management Team, which comprises of:The Medical Superintendent who reports to the Board of Governors The Hospital Administrator who reports to the Board of Governors. The Nursing Director who reports to the Board of Governors. The In-charge of Health Sub District who reports to the Medical Superintendent. Other Staffs: The Accountant and Assistant accountant both report to the Administrator. The Assistant Nursing Director who reports to the Nursing Director The Administrative Assistant who reports to the Hospital Administrator. Five cashiers who report to the Accountant. The Secretary who reports to the Administrator. Members of the Hospital management team

Hospital Management

The Hospital Board of Governors is composed of 17 members with one representative of the local community. The Board of Governors is the supreme policymaking, governing and controlling organ for the internal and external actions of the Hospital. It is appointed by the Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese who through the Diocesan Health Board and Diocesan Health Office is the overall policy making and coordinating body for the Hospital. The following are the team of people responsible for Kisubi Hospital governance:

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