Whether you are thinking about having a baby or have recently found out that you are expecting, you want a team that will ensure the healthiest, safest pregnancy possible, a birth experience tailored to your needs and wants, and support as you care for your newborn and recover physically.

Obstetric care team will care for you every step of the way, from planning for pregnancy, prenatal care through childbirth, delivery and beyond. Our goal is to make your pregnancy journey as comfortable as possible, and we strive to make the experiences of both you and your baby positive and unforgettable

Our Maternity UNIT (32beds) provides top quality maternity care through our obstetricians and midwives. Our delivery suite delivers, on average, 1500 babies per year. 23% of our deliveries are done via Caesarean Section. The ward is midwife-supervised and our Mothers are relieved to find the environment not only courteous and friendly but also one that is nurturing. Our Mothers-to-be are very appreciative of the orientation received, the explanation of the procedures that they will have to go through and the care that is taken to ensure that there is an understanding.

The Maternity UNIT has a fully equipped delivery rooms, maternity ward, neonatal care unit and a private wing with self contained rooms. These services are offered by a multidisciplinary team comprising of; 2 fulltime obstetricians, 3 medical doctors, and 20 midwives.

The ward has enjoyed a 99% satisfaction grade for several years now, with our patients outlining that their expectations have been met and in many instances surpassed and assuring us that they will be the first ones to recommend to friends of the services received.

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