• Medical Care Saving Scheme


    A safe and reliable hospital based prepayment scheme. Opening a healthy savings account with Kisubi Hospital is like owning an ordinary personal saving account but the money on this account can only be used for medical expenses at Kisubi Hospital. This account offers you an easy and convenient way to manage your health finances giving you a safe and secure access to treatment at all times.

    WHY HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT Given the behavior of our biggest population, we do not budget for health yet falling sick is accidental. We never plan for sickness except some few insured by their employers. Even those who have been insured after leaving these jobs, they never buy the idea. However “Health is wealth” you can only make money when you have a sound health, keeping health wellness is an investment too. Health saving is the answer to helping families access medical attention without delay. The earlier you receive treatment to any medical complaint, the better way it can be managed without much complication.


    The following are the requirements: – A fully filled form – A photo taken by the officer responsible – A fee of 10,000 shs for the card except for pregnant mothers who access it without any cost.

    24 hour access to medical care – Treatment not only to the account holder but to his or her relatives too as long as there is money on the account. Under health saving, the money you keep with the hospital doesn’t expire with an expiry of either a financial year or an annual year. So there is no premium renewal. A discount of 5% considering the mode of attendance that is either outpatient or in patient. No limit to the frequency of attendance or deposits in a month. Access to a wider range of services. Knowledge of your balance at every visit. No ledger fees. For sicklers, ability to owe the hospital to a rate of 150,000/= The deposits are not fixed since our income levels differ, so does our deposits. Each one deposits with in their abilities.

    You deposit money with the hospital any time you have it for use when sickness or delivery complications knock on your door. Opening up an account with the hospital, you can choose to deposit your money using mobile money transfer from anywhere at any time Many of us will agree that when we most need money that is when we shall least be able to find it. Sickness does not alert anyone and so does delivery complications. The answer to these two is a health savings account.

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