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Uganda is ranked among the top six countries in Africa with 14 million mental disorder cases (2017 WHO statistics). The most common mental disorders in the Ugandan population are:

  1. Depression at a rate of 4.6%, which is complicated by either attempted or complete suicide.
  2. Anxiety and others neurotic disorders standing at a rate of 3.7%
  3. Alcohol and drug addiction related disorders, at a rate of 3.6%
  4. Schizophrenia which you call madness that can be induced by substances of abuse or a medical disease or even occurs on its own, accounts for a rate of 2% of general population.


However mental health service delivery is still inadequate in Uganda despite the fact that the number of mental cases are always on the rise and this was also made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic that disrupted the already existing crippled mental health service delivery despite of the mental cases increasing significantly.

So as our Lady of Consolata – Kisubi Hospital, we devise means of improving the mental health of people in Uganda and changing people’s perceptions towards mental illness and mental health. This is through mental health promotion campaigns to carry out sensitization and awareness, prompt treatment and admission of the mentally ill and also integration of mental health services into general medical care so as to enable easy accessibility to mental health services, reduce discrimination and stigma attached to mental illnesses.

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  • The Mental Health Services offered at Kisubi hospital are:
The Mental Health Services offered at Kisubi hospital are:
  1. Consultation Liaison Psychiatry
  2. Mental Health Outpatients Clinic
  3. Admissions and Psychopharmacology
  4. Psychotherapy including CBT and alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation
  5. Guidance and Counseling
  6. Community Mental Health Services/Outreaches
  7. Management of Epilepsy
  8. Child and adolescent Mental Health care
  9. Geriatric mental health services
  10. General Psychiatry including treatment of both functional and organic psychosis.

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Our team is always available to give you a worm reception and professional care during your hospital stay as our motto says ‘’service with love’’ We are committed to serving our patients with love.

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