Neonatal Care Unit (NCU)

This unit caters for newborns up to 6 days of age. It comprises of 4 infant radiant warmers, an incubator, 3 phototherapy units and 12 baby coats. It has most of the basic equipment, and devices needed for emergency neonatal resuscitation and care services.

The unit handles the most common early neonatal medical conditions like Birth asphyxia,Birth trauma, Respiratory distress Syndrome, Neonatal Tetanus,Extreme prematurity, Neonatal septicaemia, etc.

It also offers specialist referal advise and recommendations for those newborns with complicated medical and surgical conditions to other tertiary centres within the country.

Its manned by a dedicated team of nurses ,who have been oriented & trained in neonatal care and resuscitation.They work with guidance of the medical officers and a paediatrician, who is the overall team leader, on a daily basis. On average, it handles about 30 in-patients per month.

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