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New Face and Hope of Kisubi Hospital


To the staff working in Kisubi Hospital and patients visiting it is obvious that the face of the facility has changed tremendously. The well-built front perimeter wall with a flamboyant gate canopy has added color to the over 100yr old facility.  The colorful signpost at the entrance together with Mother Mary statue says it all.

Walking into the new Accident and Emergency department one can easily tell that there has been a great financial impact on the equipment and furnishings.  The strategically located reception with smartly dressed front desk staff portrays a good impression.

The American made wheelchairs at the entrance, the patient examination beds in the doctors’ rooms with footboards, the high raised curtains in the emergency room below the glittering ceiling lights, the organized procedure room and so many other new fittings.  The orderly waiting area, the stocked pharmacy and three teller cash points with smartly dressed staff members.

As if this is not enough there are unseen improvements which have also been added to the beauty of the hospital like a new transformer, revamping the electrical wiring in the wards and provision of new electricity poles for the betterment of power regulation.

Management has introduced a Heart Centre and a CT-Scan in order to widen the scope of services in the facility.  Now that the latter has already been installed and user training is ongoing we are hopeful that in two weeks the commissioning certificate will be issued to start and patients will be given the best service in a magnificent environment. Preparations are underway that patients in that section will not have to wait for long as a trained medical team is at hand to ensure that no time is wasted for referrals in and inpatients.

All the equipment for the Heart Centre is available is currently being assembled.  With an additional Physician in this department to take care of the various cases and assisting on the echo procedures in the Centre, patients will not have to wait for long.  It is our prayer that once we start working on heart surgeries the hospital will be quite busy because we expect many patients to be handled by Cardiologists from different parts of the region.

The Dental unit will be moving to its permanent location in the new OPD building next week.  With its new equipment including a second dental chair, a lazer machine plus the X-ray machine for Orthopantomogram (Head & Jaw) and Periapical (teeth) soon to be installed.  We expect to have two dentists in practice soon to cover the big number of patients that attend this clinic.

The equipment for the Eye Clinic has also been procured to be installed in the next few months.  The plan is to have an eye clinic run by the hospital in the course of the week.  The Physiotherapy and Orthopedic department has also received new physiotherapy accessories and massage couches for better service.

The laboratory has been elevated in terms of quality assurance and human resource as we head to accreditation in the near future. Our team is working towards better customer care to ensure that we improve on the turnaround time so that patients spend the minimum time possible in the hospital.

This gives us hope that in the coming few months all the patients received in Kisubi Hospital will receive the optimum care that they will need and that very few will walk away unattended to.

The Children’s ward which has four Pediatricians in a limited space will soon expand in order to occupy the former Outpatient department building and this will definitely create more space for their patients.  It is expected that they will also have their own pharmacy, cashier and a phlebotomist; these in-house facilities will reduce on the period the mothers spend with their children in the hospital.

The General Ward has been refurbished to include the Cath-lab department where we expect many operations to take place.  The HDU situated in the same building will soon be upgraded in order to cater for heart patients.

When the year began the Hospital Administrator distributed portraits of Padre Pio in all departments and requested us to pray the novena prayer with the hope of getting our new equipment and this has indeed been fulfilled, we thank the staff for the great faith they have exhibited and God for the blessing.

As staff we thank Management, the various planning committees and the board for the efforts and great job well done to make Kisubi Hospital rise to another level.

Written by Ruth Namutebi

Patient Co-ordinator

Kisubi Hospital