OPD Services

Walking through the main gate at Kisubi Hospital, you notice the reception situated direct opposite the entrance in an enclosed shelter.  This area is used to register patients who walk into the hospital for treatment however; during the rainy period and at night the reception shifts inside the main building. For emergency cases our Blue Cross staff and Nurses are readily available to receive patients on arrival.

In the Outpatient area you will find another reception desk with a nurse assisting and directing patient flow to the respective sections.  Within the Outpatient department exists the cash office with two cashiers receiving cash and one handling corporate patients.  The OPD Manager’s desk is also located in the same area to deal with queries and carry out overall supervision.

The qualified nursing team in the Outpatient department is comprised of nine Enrolled Nurses, two Nursing Assistants and two Blue Cross staff all led by the registered nurse as their In-Charge.

Work Schedule

At Outpatient department we have Specialized Clinics which run on different days as indicated below: 

Clinic Name Operational Time
Eye Clinic 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month
Dental Clinic  Monday – Friday (8.30am – 4pm) Saturday (8.30am – 2pm)
Surgical Clinic Tuesdays (8.30am – 2pm)
ENT  Wednesdays (3.30pm – 5pm)
Skin Clinic  Fridays (9am – 2pm)
Endoscopy Clinic Procedures can be booked on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 

Make an Appointment

In order to improve our services, we now have an OPD Appointment Telephone No. +256-700-541667 which can be reached to book for the Special Clinics to avoid delays.Our nurses are also readily available to offer free HIV Services to our patients at all times.

At Outpatient we also aim at providing first class service to our patients and avoid long queues as much as possible.  During the day and evening shifts we normally have about two Medical Doctors to cover the peak hours which helps to reduce on the waiting time.

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