Patients Rights and Responsibilities

Our ideology of putting our patient’s interests above us has led to the formulation of the patient rights. Patients can demand these rights of us and we will gladly oblige as you sustain our existence. Your right is our job.

Patients ” know your Rights”:

  • Right to medical Care.
  • Right to Non- Discrimination.
  • Right to participation in decision making.
  • Right to be treated by a named health care provider.
  • Right to safety and security.
  • Right to informed consent.
  • Right to be referred for a second opinion.
  • Right to continuity of care.


Patients ” know your Rights”:


  • Right to confidentiality and privacy
  • Right to medical information.
  • Right to redress.
  • Right to respect.
  • Right to choice of treatment.

While accepting full responsibility to safeguard your interests as our patients you also have to play your part in the entire healthcare delivery process.

For this purpose you and your family members are requested to provide:
Your complete medical history (including allergies and current medications).
Any referral note from any health facility or an organization.
Details of the patient’s insurance policy, if any.

You are requested to be responsible in meeting the required fees and charges as per the pricelists of the Hospital.

You are requested to treat other patients, visitors and our staff with due respect and courtesy.

You are required to comply with the regulations of the hospital. You are welcome to ask any questions.

If you need any clarification kindly contact our Customer Care officer


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