Paediatrics Department

The department is composed of two units. These include the out patient clinics & the in- patient wards/ unit.

This comprises a general paediatric out-patient clinic and five(5)specialised clinics.

General Paediatric Out-Patient Clinic

The general paediatric out-patient clinic operates on all days of the week. It runs from 8am to 4pm except on Sunday, where it ends at 1pm. After 4pm and 1pm on Sundays, the emergency/ casuality department continues to attend to all paediatric cases& emergencies, till 8am on the next day.

A dedicated team, composed of a paediatrician, a medical officer ,nurses is on hand to serve the clients on a daily basis. These work in collaboration with other hospital departments as the need may arise.

It manages most of the common childhood illnesses, like malaria, pneumonia, skin diseases, diarrhoea, Respiratory illnesses,Oppurtunistic HIV-related infections,poisoning in children,Burns, surgical trauma and related emergencies,and as well as the emergencies arising from chronic illnesses like Sickle cell disease, Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsies, ENT and surgical -related disciplines.

Specialied Paediatric Clinics include:

  • Allergic/ Chest/ Asthma clinic on a Tuesday.
  • HIV & Tuberculosis clinic on a Wednesday.
  • Sickle cell disease clinic on a Thursday.
  • Neonatal & Premature clinic on a Friday.
  • 5.An Adolescent clinic will soon be operational.

These all run a specific appointed dates, usually from 2:00pm- 5:00pm, they are conducted by paediatricians and a team of other dedicated clinicians and nurses.

On average, the paediatric out-patient department manages about 750 children every month, in the different clinics.

This is composed of two units. The general ward and the neonatal care unit(NCU).

General Paediatrics Ward

This caters for the children from the age of 1 week up to 13 years and operate 24 hours,

It admits an average of 60 patients per month.It manages most of the common medical and surgical illnesses that may need in patient care especially the complications arising from most of the conditions mentioned earlier.

It runs for 24 hours, seven days of the week. It is manned by a dedicated team, comprised of a paediatrician, medical and clinical officers and, nurses.

In consultation with other specialised surgical discplines, it handles surgical emergencies and elective procedures in ENT, Burns,Orthopaedics,Urology and general surgery. This is done by visiting specialist surgeons.

Neonatal Care Unit (NCU)

This unit caters for newborns up to 6 days of age.It comprises of 4 infant radiant warmers, an incubator, 3 photo therapy units and 12 baby coats.It has most of the basic equipment, and devices needed for emergency neonatal resuscitation and care services.

The unit handles the most common early neonatal medical conditions like Birth asphyxia,Birth trauma, Respiratory distress Syndrome, Neonatal Tetanus,Extreme premature, Neonatal septicemia, etc.

It also offers specialist referral advise and recommendations for those newborns with complicated medical and surgical conditions to other tertiary centers within the country.

Its manned by a dedicated team of nurses ,who have been oriented & trained in neonatal care and resuscitation.They work with guidance of the medical officers and a paediatrician, who is the overall team leader, on a daily basis. On average, it handles about 30 in-patients per month.

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