In this clinic the health needs of postpartum mothers are taken care of. Services offered in here include; General examination and clinical vitals for both mothers and baby, Linkage of postnatal mothers to Natural family Planning services, Linkage of exposed infants to the MBC point and Cervical Cancer screening to rule out possibilities of CA Cervix.

Cervical Cancer screening: This is a mandatory service for all women in the Post-natal clinic. For those enrolled in the Mother- Baby- Pair- Care (MBC) point, the service is totally free and once identified as a suspect, they are effectively referred for further support.  This service is always on, every Wednesday 8:30a.m. – 4:00p.m. and is run by trained midwives and a medical officer who certifies the findings and makes referrals and linkages where necessary.

eMTCT Clinic for Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV

Elimination of mother-to-child transmission (eMTCT, also known as elimination of vertical transmission), refers to interventions to eliminate transmission of HIV from an HIV-positive mother to her infant during pregnancy, labor, delivery, or breastfeeding.A vertically transmitted infection can be called a perinatal infection if it is transmitted in the perinatal period, which is the period starting at a gestational age of 22 weeks to 28 (with regional variations in the definition) and ending seven completed days after birth.EID Clinic for Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV in exposed Infants

As one of the reproductive health services (RHS) requirements in a Hospital, we are mandated to provide Family Planning services, however, being a Roman catholic founded hospital we opt to provide Natural Family planning services to our mothers in PNC.

This is also referred to as the YCC (Young Child Clinic). This is basically taking care of the baby and the following is done; Health education of mothers on different topics, growth monitoring and screening of babies, immunization, referrals to the Paediatrician or to MBC point where necessary.

This department offers both free and costed vaccinations. Free vaccinations are the prime vaccines funded by UNICEF through the MoH, while those that are costed are outside the primary vaccines and so are purchased by the Hospital. E.g. ROTA, Yellow Fever Vaccine, Influenza Vaccine e.t.c

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