Just like any other services in the Hospital, HIV services started in the Hospital in 2003 with UPHOLD for financing recurrent cost, PREFA supporting PMTCT and CIVITANOVA- Italy for support in procuring OI medication. This is when the acronym KICA came into play, standing for Kisubi Hospital Initiative for Care of people infected or affected with HIV/ AIDs. This lasted up to 2010 when most of the HIV projects’ funding partners pulled out.

There was a spell of financial difficulty from 2010- 2012 when the funding partners pulled out of HIV services. During this period, management devised all means possible to ensure the prevailing number of clients on ART did not have any interruption in service.

In October 2012 till today, after a series of preparatory meetings and write-ups UCMB-ACT project came into play as our IP for HIV services funded by PEPFAR through CDC-Atlanta.

The illustration below summarizes the evolution of HIV services in Kisubi Hospital

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