Staffing and Operating Schedule


The HIV services with all the listed programme areas above are managed by a prime staffing of 17 people comprising of qualified Nurse counselors, Midwives, Clinical Officers, Doctors, Data Management Officers and Administrators. The head of the Clinical team is a Physician, supported by a Paediatrician for the Paediatric HIV clinic.

Operating hours:

The HIV Clinic operates Monday to Friday (8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.). How the week flows for HIV related services:

DAY Activities Service location
Monday Dep’t meeting, preparation for community outreaches, serving walk-ins/ special cases/ new clients and follow-up on missed appointments ART Clinic
Tuesday General Clinic at Facility (Fast tracking service) and Community ART refills Both at Static and in Outreaches
Wednesday General Clinic at Facility (Fast tracking service) and Community ART refills and Paediatric HIV Clinic At Static and in Outreaches
Thursday Private Clinic, Adolescent friendly services and Community ART refills At static and in outreaches
Friday TB Clinic At static

The Clinic does not work over the weekends and on Public Holidays.


  1. HTS is uninterrupted even when the clinic is closed because HIV services are integrated in the Hospital activities. We only ensure effective internal linkages.
  2. Paediatric and adolescent friendly services are given special clinics separate from adults so as to address their peculiar concerns


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