The 90-90-90 target

In bid to curb the pandemic, the UNAIDS 2016–2021 Strategy set a bold call to action to get on the Fast-Track and reach people being left behind. It is an urgent call to front-load investments. It is a call to reach the 90–90–90 treatment targets, to close the testing gap and to protect the health of approximately 22 million people living with HIV who are still not accessing treatment. It is also a call to redress the deplorably low treatment coverage for children living with HIV.


Therefore, the UNAIDS 90-90-90 target calls on countries to reach the following goals as illustrated in the figure below;


In special consideration of this UNAIDS goal of 90-90-90, Kisubi Hospital’s plan contributes to the UEC AIDS Care and Treatment program goal of ensuring that High Quality, accessible HIV/AIDS services are provided in a strengthened and integrated healthcare system. All priorities, approaches and activities will be implemented within the broader framework of contributing to an AIDS-free generation through the following programme objectives:

  • First; no one will be born with the HIV virus
  • Second; as people mature, they will be at a far lower risk of becoming HIV infected than they are today
  • Third; if they acquire HIV, they will get the treatment and support that keeps them healthy and minimizes the likelihood of them transmitting the virus to others



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