Glory be to God.

Feeling appreciative and not expressing it, is like wrapping a gift and not giving it out, we are sincerely grateful to the Almighty, who has done great things for Kisubi Hospital and brought us this far. “Holy is His name Lk 1:49.

“….Can anything good come from Nazareth? Asked Nathanael. “Come and See” replied Phillip

(Jn 1:46 ). Nathanael doubted whether something marvelous would come from that place. If we make a flash back, it is the same question that one would have asked if he or she was told about the ancient Kisubi Hospital. We are privileged to be part of this significant milestone as we commission the Heart Centre which is the second in our Country Uganda. From the time of its conception in 1905 by the White Sisters, from the humble beginning while treating patients under the memorable tree, the facility has achieved many innovations which is reason that I give the glory to God.

Surely once you dare and stop drifting with the crowd and face it courageously, life takes a great significance. The Hospital serves a big community covering a wider catchment area which makes our society quite huge. Our Emergency department is well equipped with high-tech   medical equipment, with a good number of Specialists who supervise a dedicated team of Medical Officers, Nurses and support staff.

In the Emergency / Outpatient Department we handle a good number of road traffic accident cases since the hospital is located a few kilometers away from the high way and also surrounded by many schools and institutions.  We tend to receive a good number of emergencies and various cases like Hysterical attacks, those who come in with foreign bodies in the ear, nose & throat, diabetic and Hypertensive patients especially those who need urgent attention are worked on quickly, those for drug refills and those who come in with colic pain.

We also receive patients referred for investigations like CT- scan among others and they are all attended too urgently. We have seen patients brought to our facility thinking that their days are numbered, thinking that their chances of survival are minimal.  However, once they are received, we own them right from the reception and endeavor to offer them the necessary and appropriate services so as to save their lives.  At discharge they leave with a beaming smile –      “cheek to cheek” – Thank you so much for trusting our hospital.

A vote of thanks goes to staff of Kisubi Hospital for the tireless efforts and love of what they do to make a difference in the lives of many.

“Service with Love”

Our Lady of Consolata Kisubi Hospital is a well advanced, modern and updated hospital committed to providing quality health care.
Our team is always available to give you a worm reception and professional care during your hospital stay as our motto says ‘’service with love’’ We are committed to serving our patients with love.

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