The Department of Ophthalmology at Kisubi Hospital aims to deliver all aspects of ophthalmic care to the patients and the public.
The goal of our eye care specialists is to eliminate the suffering caused by eye disorders, by providing the highest quality of medical and surgical eye care for patients. The department offers the full complement of services, including:
• Screening and treatment for common eye diseases — cataract, glaucoma and diabetes-related eye problems
• Spectacle and contact lens prescriptions
• Evaluation of patients who may have visual loss or complaints but do not know the diagnosis
Our multi-disciplinary expertise ensures care for not just primary disorders of the eye but also eye problems related to other systemic diseases like diabetes, thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditions, stroke, etc. Many eye problems are related to certain medical conditions and being a multi-specialty hospital, we refer patients to other specialties for evaluation and comprehensive, multi-disciplinary treatment and management.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Kisubi Hospital provides treatment for an extensive range of pediatric eye problems, such as sight-threatening conditions like pediatric glaucoma, cataract and congenital opacities of the cornea. It also provides comprehensive treatment options for the management of squint, double vision and other disorders of eye alignment and movement, management of amblyopia or lazy eyes, refraction in young children using eye drops (cycloplegic refraction), as well as general eye problems, such as eye sores, allergic conjunctivitis and lumps on the eyelids (stye and chalazion).

The department is composed of two units. These include the out patient clinics & the in- patient wards/ unit.


Kisubi Hospital Eye Clinic is highly specialised with experienced staff aimed at presenting avoidable blindness and enabling those with unavoidable blindness achieve their potential.

Our eye department therefore provides the following services;

  • Diagnosis and management of pediatrics conditions
  • Management of all eye conditions in both adult and elderly and making appropriate referrals for intraocular surgical eye conditions.
  • Retractors for both distance and near vision and provision of spectacles where necessary
  • Prescription of contact lenses
  • Removal of metallic and non-metal corneal foreign body

Working hours

As an enthusiastic team, we commit to provide timely and sustainable health services to the community prioritizing emergencies.

Time’s not flexible?

Eye Department prides in its devoted specialists, diagnostic medical and nursing team with special clinics


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Our team is always available to give you a worm reception and professional care during your hospital stay as our motto says ‘’service with love’’ We are committed to serving our patients with love.

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