The Health Angels

It all started decades ago with Night-gale
A heart caring for other’s health and happiness
It has been and forever will be, saving lives, saving souls
Generation after Generation like salvation
Without minding about tribes religions, ages and calibres
And amicably giving a hand that is needed
Even when not asked for, obligation is felt
Nurses have been chosen to love and serve
Finding a nurse is finding a family
A person who counsels you tirelessly
A person who minds about your health more than his/her own
A person who sacrifices his/her time to serve you
One who leaves his family to spend a whole night/day with you
One who listens and keeps your secrets untold
One who gives you attention you have not asked for
Nurses are reckless lovers
Nurses are the heart of the hospital
Nurses are the strength of the patients
Nurses are the functional unit of the doctors
Nurses are the hope of the relatives of the sick
Nurses are the fear of all sicknesses
They receive us at birth, care for us as long as we live
They still dress us last when our lives end
Nurses have everlasting love
Sending a smile full of mercy and confidence to reduce your worries
Walking up and down diligently to meet your needs
Going hungry all day just to satisfy the patients’ needs
Reaching home with aches happily because they left you well
Your health is their daily center of focus
With a common phrase of hope “you will be fine”
Blood is like morning dew, creeches and cries are like church melodies
Wearing no jewelry, no make-up but still beautiful and handsome
With empathy and sympathy, NURSES are angels

Our Lady of Consolata Kisubi Hospital is a well advanced, modern and updated hospital committed to providing quality health care.
Our team is always available to give you a worm reception and professional care during your hospital stay as our motto says ‘’service with love’’ We are committed to serving our patients with love.

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